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Eizo Power Punching Bag

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Incredible heavy hitting bag designed to build strength it is ideal for power and speed exercises moving less than a conventional bag due to its size.

The incredible design features a 15mm layer of s inside medium density hair to offer you the ultimate in performance, protection, impact resistance and power; while providing an ideal impact and a realistic surface feel.

The padding in pressed rags and EVA, as well as ensuring maximum shock absorption, prevents the bag from yielding and settling.

The tough triple layer Japanese Cordley cover is strong and durable to get the most out of every training session.

With its ideal density and balance, it can withstand intense workouts and compete with the strongest bags on the market.

The high-end suspension straps make no noise, thus avoiding annoying distractions.

Technical specifications:

-Height: 110 cm DIA: 60 cm Weight: 80kg approx.

-Maximum safety and longevity guaranteed by 8 reinforcement seams