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Punching Ball Eizo Reflex Punch - eizosport-com
Punching Ball Eizo Reflex Punch - eizosport-com
Punching Ball Eizo Reflex Punch - eizosport-com

Punching Ball Eizo Reflex Punch

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"Eizo Hemisphere Reflex Punch" is the "Top" version of the Eizo PB range: a complete and functional partner for your professional or amateur training.
Ideal for all combat sports.
Offers a complete workout: improves and optimizes reflexes, coordination, strength and endurance.
"Eizo Hemisphere Reflex Punch" is a multifunctional object, because it allows you to train arms and legs.

It consists of various elements:

The punchingball is the sphere positioned at the top, has a diameter of 20 and a height of 23 cm, made of polyurethane foam. The convenience consists in the fact that it does not require inflation.
It is connected to the shaft through an industrial type spring with quick return, in order to improve speed, coordination, strength and conditioning.

Padded and coated aluminum alloy reflex bar rotates quickly when hit.

. The central bag, designed to allow the work of the legs and to simulate blows to the body.

The telescopic central tube, made of thick and resistant aluminum, guarantees a solid structure.

Solid base, can be easily filled with sand or water.
The punching ball is adjustable in height, from 160 cm up to 225 cm.
The structure is totally independent and very easy to assemble, it includes everything you need for a real boxing session.
Its easy handling allows it to be placed wherever you need it, be it the gym, home or office.
The construction was carried out with extreme attention to detail, and thanks to the very high quality of the materials it guarantees durability and very high levels of performance.
Many international champions and celebrities, such as Anthony Joshua, Sugar Ray Leonard, Conor McGregor, have appreciated its performance, greatly increasing the prestige of the product.