<transcy>Wall Punching Ball Eizo Reflex</transcy>
Punching Ball Eizo Reflex da Muro - eizosport-com
Punching Ball Eizo Reflex da Muro - eizosport-com
Punching Ball Eizo Reflex da Muro - eizosport-com

Wall Punching Ball Eizo Reflex

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The Rapid Reflex Wall Bar is the worldwide phenomenon that is conquering athletes from boxing, combat sports, MMA, fitness athletes and more, for the development of accuracy and speed, both in strokes and reflexes.

This bar is a cutting-edge tool, which offers fundamental help to the athlete, in order to improve their performance, while strengthening their skills.
It helps in eye-manual coordination, footwork, balance, speed, endurance, and accuracy, without necessarily resorting to a sparring partner.
The wall mounted Rapid-Reflex Wall bar is ideal for athletes of all ages as well as for various skill levels: from light to heavyweights, from beginners to professionals.
The rotating bar is constructed of stainless steel padded with precision bearings, recessed and sealed; ensure a quick and smooth rotation.
Thick aluminum tubes make the structure very solid and resistant.
In the lower part, the polyurethane foam pear (already included in the package) can be screwed to the Eizo Reflex Wall bar to increase and enhance the numerous possibilities of combinations.
And then, just assemble it, attach it to a brick wall and you are ready for action!
Once installed, the bar easily adjusts up and down for athletes of different heights.

Through a robust and proven spring mechanism, the bar can be pushed against the wall when not in use, taking up minimal space.