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Punching Ball Eizo Old Style - eizosport-com
Punching Ball Eizo Old Style - eizosport-com
Punching Ball Eizo Old Style - eizosport-com

Punching Ball Eizo Old Style

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You will be able to enhance razor-sharp hit accuracy, pinpoint accuracy and exceptional speed with this incredible punching bag!
The Eizo PB old style Punching ball is the most classic, perhaps timeless, boxing instrument, still used today by champions of the caliber of Canelo Alvarez and Ryan Garcia.
It is an amazing partner for perfecting every punch and dodge, you can work with powerful hits, hooks, uppercuts, quick combinations and timely dodges.

The lightweight, fully adjustable stainless steel tubular construction allows this tool to be easily assembled / disassembled. Its easy handling allows you to carry it wherever you may need it.

The industrial-grade steel spring, connected to the central rod, offers a quick response to a high-performance workout for every type of athlete, from amateur to professional.
It can be easily adjusted in height for every need.
The polyurethane base, light and flexible, replaces the old obsolete steel plates, and is hooked to the floor through a system of 25 suction cups, for functional and safe stability.
The ball with air chamber, covered in PU, screwable on the shaft, is very light and of large dimensions: it allows strong and fast hits, perfect "responses" for the athlete.

The "Old Style" is the answer to a boxer linked yes to a classic and timeless style, but who, at the same time, intends to make use of the quality of the new generation materials combined with the most innovative and powerful technology.